General Stuff#

  • You have 1280x720 pixels to work with. The bottom left corner is 0, 0 with X increasing going right, and Y increasing going up.
  • The game is on a fixed 60 fps cycle (no delta time needed).
  • Come to the Discord if you need help:
  • Going through all the sample apps is a REALLY GOOD IDEA. Most sample apps contain a recorded replay/demo. So just double click watch-recording to see a full presentation of the sample.

Entry Point#

For all the examples in the other documentation files. It's assumed they are being placed into the follow code block:

# Entry point placed in main.rb
def tick args
  args.outputs.labels << [100, 100, 'hello world']

New to Ruby#

If you are a complete beginner and have never coded before:

  1. Run the 00_beginner_ruby_primer sample app and work through it. Video walkthrough:
  2. Read all the code in the 00_intermediate_ruby_primer sample app. Video walkthrough:
  3. There is also a free course you can sign up for at