Recommended for individuals familia with Dynamically Typed Languages (Ruby, Lua, Python, or JavaScript)

  1. Work through this Hello World Tutorial
  2. Skim through the CheatSheet to get a feel for some of the other API's you have access to. If you never even more detail, you'll find them on the left hand side of these pages.
  3. Run each sample app in order and read the code. * The sample apps are located in the sample directory and are ordered by increasing complexity. Run each one of them and read through the code. Play around by changing values and see how they change the game. *
  4. Integrate your editor. There is a file called vim-ctags and emacs-ctags. The data in these files are standard output provided by Exuberent CTAGS. Most editors have a "ctags plugin" so just search for that plugin for your editor and point it to these files.
  5. Get in the habit of reading the CHANGELOG. We are constantly adding new features to the engine. Be sure to read the changelog with every release.