Publishing Your Game#

Once you've built your game, you're all set to deploy! Good luck in your game dev journey and if you get stuck, come to the Discord channel!

1. Create a new game in

  • Log in and create a new game Here.

    Section Description
    Title This value represents your gametitle
    Project URL This value represents your gameid
    Classification Keep this as Game
    Kind of Project Select HTML from the drop down list. Dont worry about the HTML project type _aslo supports binary downloads_
    Uploads Skip this section for now
    Embed Options Set the dropdown value to Click to launch in fullscreen. Do NOT use the Embed in page option. iFrames are not reliable with regards to capturing input

You can fill out all the other options later.

2. Update your metadata#

Point your text editor at mygame/metadata/game_metadata.txt and make it look like this: (Remove the # at the beginning of each line).

devtitle=Bob The Game Developer
gametitle=My Game
Item Description
devid The username you use to log into
devtitle Your name or company name (it can contain spaces)
gameid The Project URL value (see details in STEP 1)
gametitle The name of your game (it can contain spaces)
version Can be any major.minor number format

3. Build your game for distribution.#

Open up the terminal and run this from the command line:
./dragonruby-publish --only-package mygame
(if you're on Windows, don't put the ./ on the front)

A directory called ./build will be created that contains your binaries. You can upload this to manually.
For the HTML version of your game after you upload it. Check the checkbox labeled This file will be played in the browser

For subsequent updates you can use an automated deployment to
./dragonruby-publish mygame

DragonRuby will package and publish your game to! Tell your friends to go to your game's very own webpage and buy it!

If you make changes to your game, just re-run dragonruby-publish and it'll update the downloads for you.